Buddy Bag September Fundraisers

Post date: Sep 13, 2012 4:02:31 AM

Buddy Bags has a number of fundraisers in the works for September.  We are currently selling Casey's Partnership Cards for  pizza and donuts only during the month of September.  The pizza cards give you a free medium pizza with the purchase of a large specialty pizza and are $15.  They are good for businesses, pizza-lovers, or college students and you can buy up to 3 large pizzas in one visit for a total of 6 pizzas.  The donut card allows 6 free cake donuts with the purchase of 6 and is $10 dollars.  Neither of the cards expire, so use them as quickly or as slowly as you would like.

  We are also selling Pizza Hut buffet tickets for $9 for adults and $5 for kids 10 and under.  That fundraiser will be on Sunday September 23 from 5-7.  Please let someone working with Buddy Bags know if you are interested in supporting either fundraiser.